SGM News || Bet9ja Caught With Fraudulent Activities

Fraudulent Act Of Bet9ja

The scandal report of this betting organization, popularly knows as Bet9ja which has it branches in almost every part of the Nation, Nigeria, which Osun State is one of them. 

We heard and confirm to the logical fraud behaviors that happens on the bet stake by some of their clients on 14th and 15th of June, 2018 with the evidence which the organization "Bet9ja" affirm by themselves in the sense that, they made publish of apology on facebook to their clients who stake on the dates mentioned earlier, and ask them to bring the tickets used for betting for refunding, which make it crystally clear that they intentionally did what they did.
It is barbaric and corruption, and this is the first part of the agenda of this current government [Nigeria Federal Government] to put an end to.

We have young able men who do not get a befitting job to do, yet, they fight for their life in a way they know that will not harm others, [they did not rob, found in the act of money ritual, and some other criminal activities] the only way they know to sustain is what they are doing and they should not be denying their rights. 
Though some TV Station in the country [like NTA], and some other law enforcement have taken this up, but then,  justice need to be given by the Government too, as we know that government has the power to instruct them to do what is right. 
Peace Of This Dear Great Country Is What We Care About. 

Stream And Listening To The Full Video Show Below, For Further Understanding Of This Cruel Act Of Them.

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