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Headline: Osun Ultimate Awards Board releases a Press Statement to the General Public



Greetings to you on a beautiful Monday and the first in the month of August; I welcome you to  the month of The Champions.

An Indian Philosopher said and I quote, 'He who wants to enjoy the essence of life must have a good taste of being The Champion and see the excellence and opportunities attached to it'.

My Call this day is a call of good news as online voting for Osun Ultimate Awards (OUA)  2019 on www.naijaspirit.com.ng ends today.

It could be recalled that the Voting Instructions displayed on our official information site states that the Voting process is rated 30% of the total points to be gathered as to be declared Winners. 

Also, it was efficiently stated that Profiles, materials and onset assessment made up the 70% of the total assessment.

Meanwhile, as all plans are getting set for the August 18th Awards Dinner and Event, I would like to share few notable points to take very importantly;

First, the voting process has helped our board in selecting some top nominees based on popularity among the people of  Osun State and the country at large.

2. All nominees that had successfully made top 3 to top 5 in every of the categories of the Awards are required to attend the Event themselves on Sunday August 18th, 2019.

3. None of the Nominees in the top 3 to top 5 of every category are permitted to make a Silver seat Reservation.

Hence, it is essential that nominees are to make  Seat Reservations of at least Gold, Diamond or Premium from our alignment; failure to do so before the Awards Date can result to deduction of 10% of the total points scored. 

However, we would be giving out 45 Gold-plated Awards Plaques and certificates would be given to every top 3 nominee in each category with lots of packages from our Sponsors all around the country.

We remain focused with the tag that 'every nominee wins real big' at the Champion Edition Of Osun Ultimate Awards and we pray to God to spare our lives to witness this memorable day in this month of champions.

God Bless Nigeria! 
God Bless the State of Osun! 
God Bless Osun Ultimate Awards.


'Seun Olatunji, 
Project Director, OUA.

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