321LAMBAS CELEB GIST || KoroVibes interview Striker About his upcoming Ep Project title – ” ChangedPerson “

KoroVibes interview Striker About his upcoming Ep Project title – “ ChangedPerson ”

KoroVibes – Striker we heard your last hit which is “Papa God” and was really wow….

Striker – thanks a lot to the number 1 promotional hub in Nigeria respect goes to you…

KoroVibes – so striker our media wish to ask you about your next project

Striker – yoah ah ghat you all an will always do…am all ears

KoroVibes – We heard about your ep changedperson and it came to our noticed that its your first ep???

Striker – yoah its my first ep and also not just an ep buh ah revelation of how my life has been for the past two years….

KoroVibes – that remind us of your song wow…so tell us what inspired you to go about this project??

Striker – the inspiration behind this project is wat have been through as in my past life ….so taught its necessary to put in together in ah trap sound to give God thanks for bringing my change

KoroVibes – wow striker that’s great to hear ….but as in you dropping an ep with just one track its surprising you know??

Striker – not just one song buh ah put together a lot of work into this….the track list will be dropped when my label the ghetto gospel music approved everything about the ep…

KoroVibes – that’s great ghetto gospel music Ghats the final say right?

Striker – yoooh mhen the ghat mi respect and all in all
Cause the really doing great for me….

KoroVibes – but striker when is this anticipated ep dropping????

Striker – I put together everything just to present to my listeners ……buh on a very special day which is my birthday ….the ep will serve as my birthday gift to them….

KoroVibes – when is that???

Striker – 25th Nov

KoroVibes – we can’t just wait to get a piece of it

Striker – sure I ghat you mhen

KoroVibes – so striker what can you tell your listeners and people waiting to hear the ep

Striker – just stay anticipated as we change our world with trap music….And at last God name be praise

KoroVibes – thanks for your time striker….

Striker – thanks much for this great time ghat you at all

KoroVibes – Blessup.

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