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Lyta Betrayed Me

Lawal Raheem, also known as LYTA and I, became friends in 2017.

We met each other on whatsapp group and our friendship grew stronger from there, because we do the same pattern of music.

 lyta was dropping songs but no one noticed him until he did a freestyle in a night club in Lagos, where OLAMIDE happened to be in at the moment. LYTA texted me , telling me OLAMIDE was interested in signing him to YBNL. Initially I didn't believe him until he became serious about it, I was happy for him and I gave him my blessings as a friend.

On the 15th of February, 2018, Olamide signed two new artists into his record label, YBNL. LYTA happened to be one of them and immediately he dropped his first song titled TIME featuring OLAMIDE.
I begged LYTA for a collaboration or even a mare hype so I can be recognized as well but he told me he would have to convince OLAMIDE to approve the collaboration which he didn't.

After my birthday in August LYTA asked me to write him a song titled SELF-MADE.
At first I refused and reminded him of the collaboration he promised and he agreed.

I wrote self-made for LYTA on 5th September 2018 .
He told me it didn't meet up with OLAMIDE'S criteria so he added some verses to it and dropped the song on 18th September 2018.

To wind up everything,
On 24th of May 2019, the news of Lyta's departure from YBNL broke out and he stopped picking my calls,  later on, I lost his number so I called his manager but she refused to give LYTA the phone.

She told me that LYTA has agreed to do the collaboration but I'll have to pay 800k for it.
I was shocked and I felt like crying. That was how LYTA duped me on the deal we made together.

In Case You Care Knowing My Name, I Am Ozioko Nelson Anene, Known as Nelson cool


  1. Nelson cool God knows the best, everything happens for a reason be strong and hope on God.

  2. Chieooo well bro calm down such is life lyta did it so take it as ur story one day believe lyta go beg you for collaboration...

    Just with time
    Am a great fan of Nelson cool

    1. Nelson Cool is my buddy.. Believe what this person just said... Remember, you are SoundBoy and lyta go hear your sound and will beg for a tone of you sound..... Then you will use him as lighter to light up your achievements.... Bless us God...

  3. Not to worry bro, you will soon use lyta (lighter) to lighten up your achievements and then he will come begging......


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