Out Now is the new single, “worship medley 1.0” by Nigerian based Contemporary music team , Believers' House (EAMM).
The song is an expression to reveal God's sovereignty and almightiness even in the season of the resurrection of our lord Jesus christ, its a compilation of favorite worship songs that will make you worship God and forget about your problems, get ready for a lift in the spirit.
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oн oн oн oн oн (2ce)

I will lift my voice and I will sing 

Resp: Holy, Holy

 To my Lord and Savior, my God and king
I will sing

Resp: Holy, Holy

I will praise the lamb of God who sits upon the throne.
I will worship Him and give the praise to Him alone.
He who was and is and is to come.
I will sing before His throne forever, forever.

Name above all names
You are worthy of our praise
And my heart will sing 
How great.........(once)

Hosanna in the highest 
Let our king be lifted high
Hosanna (2ce)

Jesus you are so good to me(3ce)
What have you not done for me(3ce)
Jesus you are so good to me(3ce)

You have done everything for me(3ce)

Your kingdom reign (2ce)

Above all(2ce)