PROFILE || Who Is Taiwo Ten

O'eze Taiwo Adeniyi is a Nigerian born Song Writer, Singer and Composer who hails from the Southern Part of the country, Nigeria.

He is best known by his stagename as "Taiwo Ten", an identity that came to limelight while at the edge of branding his Image to the world as a Music Enthusiast.

Taiwo Ten, is not just a songwriter but a lover of good sounds which had made him be a legendary music act in a globe consisting of Hip-hop and RnB.

Even though he is based in Ikirun, one of the major cities in Osun State, Nigeria; his positive influences in the Entertainment Scenes have made him to be a must reckoned with individual in the country.

Also, Taiwo Ten is an elite who believes that Entertainment and Education can both be combined as his field of study can not be left out in the economic growth of a developing country like Nigeria.

Since he came to the music limelight in 2010, some of his songs includes: Sankuhaba, Lie, I love you, Staring at you, Yard, Christmas Eve, Quality among several others.

He associates himself with reputable entertainers such as: Hamstar, Ok Plus, Big Sam, Mighty among others.

However, the saying that 'a legend can not be determined by stature but by his intelligence and contribution to his/her own World', so is 'TaiwoTen' be defined a man of honor and a legend in the making that will shake the whole universe with loads of Entertainment Ideas.


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