Rowly Potifa Biography, Early Life & Career

Meet Rowly Potifa who is an Afro Hip Hop  artist. 

Early Life

Rowly Potifa professionally known as Rhenen Rowland Akpama is a citizen of Yakurr, Cross River  State Nigeria. However born in Ikom, Cross River State on the 17th of December 1992.

I am from a Christian home of five(7). Attended Holy Family Nursery and Primary School, Federal Government College Ikom and a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering in the prestigious Unicross formally Cross River University of Technology Calabar.

 Blessed with musical talent, I have always put music before any other social lifestyle, I was known as "Engineer as an Artist" back then in school, I also have flare for acting/modelling.

Genre of Music: 

Afro Hip Hop 

My personal philosophy in life is “Let Love Lead" what ever you don't wish for yourself, don't do it to another man. With Love, the world can be one. infact my name "Rhenen" means love.

What inspires your music:

My music is inspired by Nature, Positive and negative events, lifestyle and  the continually-replenishing desire to keep writing. I realize that as I write, a new musical idea excite me to keep going. Each idea I  compose makes it easier to generate new ideas. In other words, I get excited (inspired) by my own music and freestyle. 

His Role Model:

I fancy alot of artist, numerous to mention, both in-country and foreign artist too. I key  into their piece of work and appreciate their creativity. I am simply a lover of good music and permit me to say I am my own role model. 

The Nigerian music industry is getting global now, we even have a grammy winner, we have a unique sound and it only gets bigger and better everyday, new artist by the day and the sky is big enough to accommodate us all, so we move...

My music is deeper than what most people thing, music is spiritual and it's also a lifestyle the perfect blend of both provides positive impact to the public.

My stage name is unique and it was chosen so when you here it at first, you'll always remember it cos of the famous bible story of Joseph.

Record Label: 

None for now.


Working on my EP "Pot of Gold", I've put in a lot to make it unique and I am sure everyone will love and vibe to it.

In five (5) years I see myself making Big moves in the music/ Movie industry. 

Fan Zone:

My fans to me are like my family, it takes certain love and acceptance for someone whom you never know before, to stream your song, vibe to it and appreciate it. I can only call them family.

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