NEWS || EAGLES DANCE COMPANY presents ALEKU (the female spirit)


Eagles dance company is excited to announce our current working project ALEKU which is with the support of institute francáis Paris @If_officiel 

Aleku is an adoration of her power, strength and Divine femininity, Cleasing and reclaiming her dented image , putting forward her spiritually that is beyond body shape and presenting a balance to ritual practices, using the body as a vehicle to negotiate and be empowered by her higher powerful energy 

ALEKU is an invitation to all powerful spirits, it is a conversation with the higher self that is not hunted by society or by limiting ritual practices in communities 

Aleku draws its inspiration from a myth amongst the Benue speaking tribe of Nigeria, it is believed that Aleku is the spirit of the ancestors that visits women who commits adultery and punished them by either killing their first son or by inflicting an incurable disease on their husbands that eventually leads to their death ..

These women are sometimes forced to go through series of ritual practices that is limiting and inhumane even if they are innocent. Research led us to discover that Aleku in its self is Female ancestral spirit, and she is powerful.. The women in the community have believed a lie, it became of interest to know the real Aleku. overtime some of these practices have over shadowed the power and true  spirituality of women .

The project seeks to offer women the opportunity to become and to access there higher self, it offers a lens of balance through which women can see that they are as powerful as much as they are fragile and soft. 

We have made significant progress working with our project mentor @qudusonikeku and the process so far has been amazing, it has been a journey of self exploration for usas individuals and as a collective, we are still on a journey of finding new ways to express ourselves through our inner power, to let out our spirituality . 

the process has offered us the room to see the truth that resonates with us. It is also interesting reading and researching about powerful women and also physically interacting with powerful women in our communities 

We can not wait for the world to see this project . 

We appreciate all our partners who have contributed on this project.. expecially with the support of institute francáis paris . It is an amazing journey so far . 

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