Oluwaseyi Odetola is a Nigerian entertainer, called Ode' Olu Films is a movie producer, director of photography, video editor and also the producer of the Authentic history of Osi -Ekiti which was produced in 2017, during the reign of Oba Oladiran Adewoye Agunbiade and Chief Eniola Kayode. He previously served as the personal assistant to Chief Zacheaus Apaolami, chairman of Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) in Abeokuta North Local Government, Ogun State for years. Oluwaseyi was born in Osi - Ekiti, by Mr and Mrs Oluwafemi Odetola both from Osi - Ekiti, Ekiti State. He has proven his indigenous blood in him by been in the history of Ekiti State Theatre, he was the first individual to produce a stage performance aside the once hosted by State Government. As a traditional town in Yoruba land, Osi has a unique history as any of the important towns which originated from Ile-Ife. The name Osi was derived from River Osimiri which is the Egyptian name for the Nile god, Osiris. The word Osimiri consists of two parts viz ‘Osi’ and ‘miri’.   Osi is an abbreviation of ‘Osiris’ and ‘miri’ means the goddess of the bank of the Nile in Egyptian Language. Osimiri therefore means the efflux of Osiris or Nile overflowing its bank. This name survives in Orisa Osi. The Idol of the god Osiris, a national god of Yoruba. Seyi has done well by providing brief stage performance of the town, titled in remembrance of the king who lead Osi away from Ile Ife named Olukoronfo. Osi had her most memorable settlement in a spot called Osi Soko in Ile-Ife before Ogunmegbokanle, the organizer behind the present Osi Ekiti left Ile-Ife for the new settlement.   Another thing from far and wide made us know that the town was named after roles Olosi played out the entombment and burial service rituals of significant Obas in Yorubaland. Oluwaseyi is still hoping to do more of exhibition, so that this can go far.  



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