DAYT  is widely loved and appreciated by those Nigerians who enjoy his music. He has a lot of fans who follow him on social media. They are also interested in his biography and path to success. If you are one of his fans or admire his music, read about DAYT  biography and awards.

DAYT  Biography

Artist - Dayt Name - Adedamola Olamide Tombrown
Born January, 16, 1994 Age - 28 I speak Yoruba, English and Pidgin Profession - Soldier and Construction Worker School - Sociology and minor in Data analysis Born in Ikorodu and raised in Surulere, Nigeria.Mom raised the family, and I owe her all my success, my inspiration and stubborn love.Went to school till SS1, JSS in Nigeria (Pretige School) School Jocabra for the primary or the lower school before that) Hobbies: dancing & playing soccer (Football) Living my dream as a soldier. Music was a hobby because of dancing. Fere Gpe Gpe This project was a test to the music industry. The real music is my upcoming 3 projects 47, Continue and Badfection. Fere Gpe Gpe for me means turning up, but can also be slang for crazy. Sho fe she Fere Gpe Gpe ni or kilo fe
I released it because it was my first time back in Africa, since my mom won a visa lottery and later became a citizen of the US. I thought partying with my people would be the right thing but you know me I love women so it is about partying mostly with women. I like Faaji because it means partying so everybody can vibe to that. I have an uncle that supports me a lot which is my manager (Bro Fatai) along with his peers and business partners whom am working hard to pay them back.
In Nigeria like I said my mom raised me, so we struggle a lot but she is so hardworking you wouldn't even know, when we came to America she was still working hard. So I decided I can't be messing around anymore so I took school very seriously and won a full ride scholarship to college. High School Manual Art High School . But In Nigeria I was a stubborn child who never listened but I learnt my lesson and am still working on it. You can want me to like you, just one thing I have to trust you.
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The famous singer appreciates his family more than anything because they are his main support. DAYT  has rightfully become one of the most recognizable celebrities in Nigeria, and we hope he will continue making us happy with his memorable hits. Culled FromLagostrend.com

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