To whom it may concern

 Mr Martin Joe

This is a Public Service Announcement of Mr Martin Joe situated at 11 Garnet Place, Balvenie Avenue, Cape Town South Africa. The above-named individual is a person of questionable character who illegally Obtained & swindled the following amount of money: Sixty-Eight Thousand Euros, Nineteen Thousand Pounds, Sixteen Thousand Pounds, Fifty Thousand Dollars and Twenty-Five Thousand Eight Hundred & Fifty-Six Euros under false pretense.




We call on the general public to take note of the transaction above which was fraudulently stolen by Mr Martin Joe. The above-named criminal collected the total sum of money stated above and since then he has been on the run & refused to pay the equivalent. We hereby put a price tag on his whereabouts. If you have any useful information on where and how we can get the man above,


you will get the sum of $2,000. We are in the process of reporting the matter to Interpol and the online fraud department to put him at high flight risk. We are publishing all evidence including payment slips of each transaction and all conversation through chats and voice. Kindly reach out to us as soon as possible.

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