Trenches Escobar: Nigeria's youngest commercial Forex trader biography

Trenches Escobar: Nigeria's youngest commercial Forex trader biography

Idris Sadiq popularly Known as Trenches Escobar is considered by many Nigerians in the Foreign Exchange industry to be the Best Trader in Nigeria.

ABOUT Idris Sadiq aka Trenches Escobar

Idris Abubakar Sadiq and also known as phase Oone was born in Niger state where he spent his early age with his parents and he spent most of his early age with his elder brother who noture him, he completed his basic and high school education in Niger state.


Trenches Escobar had been a freelancer right from day one. He is also an African entrepreneur and Tutor. He is one of the most influential Forex Traders in Nigeria. He is the best forex trader in Nigeria.

Idris Sadiq first came to limelight through his Disc Jockey “DJ cublom” where he has played for various successful parties and club parties.

Trenches Escobar net worth is yet to be known he is the founder and CEO of Trenches Escobar Trading platform he is also a brand Ambassador who partnered with some Forex brokers such as Arewacubana and many more.

One of the best Forex Trader in Nigeria Trenches Escobar, made his first One Million Naira at the age of 23, He is more passionate in impacting other people, and have created a series of young successful people across Globe over the years.

Trenches Escobar is a well-known name in the Nigeria forex industry.

Media Contact

Company name: Trenches Escobar

Contact Name: Idris Sadiq

Instagram: Trenche_escobar

Twitter: Oone_phase

Country: Nigeria

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