MOVIE REVIEW || “Ayo Omo” Negative reviews gives me Joy - Folakemi Adams (Princess Flakky)

“Ayo Omo” Negative reviews gives me Joy - Folakemi Adams (Princess Flakky)

Tell Your Fans About Yourself We want to know, Who is Folakemi Adams Aka (Princess flakky) ?

Princess Folakemi Adams popurlarly known as princessflaky is a private person, I love traveling, I like adventures, I’m a mother. I have a foundation princess folakemi foundation where I help the widows, she’s from Ondo state Nigeria and also a citizen of United State of America who was born December 7th

Latest Yoruba Movie 2023 Drama featuring Mide Abiodun | Jide Awobona |  Princess Folakemi Adams 

How long have you been a movie producer and an actor?

It been 5Years now

Have you work with top actors if yes mention their names ?

Have worked with Arinze, Odunlade , Authentic Muyiwa, Kemi Afolabi, Mercy Aigbe, Mide Martins, Allwell Ademola, etc

What prompted you to begin a career in acting?

 My passion from childhood but because of the society notion about the industry my parents didn’t allowed me to join, then  after marriage I waited to raise my children because, acting and producing needs a lot of time and attention .

Tell us about your latest production, “Ayo omo” What was the inspiration for the movie?

“Ayo Omo”… our society believes that rich man should be friends with rich men, they see middle men as trash, they can do anything to prevent there children from marrying middle class…just to let them know that whatever you sow you will surely reap

Do you have any mentor or someone Your looking up to in your industry?

Every good actors that connect with my vibe

How and when did you discover your passion for acting?

Since childhood

Apart from acting, is there any other thing you engage in?

I live in United state and am working at health sector

What was your first movie ever produced ?

Executioner cinema movie that was seen across 32 cinemas in Nigeria

How do you react to negative review of a your work?

Negative reviews gives me joy because that’s a challenge to do better in my subsequent jobs, its a way of  telling me to put more effort

What value do you think Nollywood movies offer to the people?

From my own perspective, nollywood good movies have really helped lots of families to checkmate or correct their ill behaviors , it helped some families to stay focus , to value what they have, to value themselves .

What has been your favourite role so far in your career?

Tokunbo where i acted a lady coming from America who trusted her families and friends but they betrayed her because they believed money is falling from trees in western world

Tell us something about yourself that is not of general knowledge?

Details mean everything to me and i love shopping 😊

Do You think the NOLLYWOOD is paying Off really well financially?

Yes at some point and also not really paying..The industry needs to do more in my opinion

What are your challenges been an Actor ?

Trying to mix My family and my acting career together it has not been easy though, But thanks to God and the support of my families

Moving forward what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Keep working hard, explore and reach out to more people

Few of my movies are Executioner


Oko bange



Akin Thunder

Kadara mi

Afefe ire

Sore( egbo adaajina)

Ayo omo etc

Coming soon

Alaabo mi

Ogba ikorira

What advice do you have for young people who are just starting their careers, specifically in relation to Nollywood?

If you’re just starting your career please be focus, don’t come because of money or fame because you will be frustrated but if you’re passionate and patient money and fame will follow in due course

Do you have any upcoming projects you are working on? 

I have two movies  ready for upload

Alaabo mi

Ogba ikorira

In Few minutes what will you like to say To your fans out there ?

Lastly I will like to use this medium to thank all my fans Worldwide that has been watching my Productions and also supporting the ministry,I say God bless you all,thanks For the love and kindness for me, Thank You All for sticking to My brand,God bless you all and I also want let you know I love You all.

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