MP3 || Maestro Ft. Asosie, Bongzy & Stein - Homecoming


Maestro drops yet another amazing tune which speaks about change and growth in life's pursuits, life's journey to greatness, its about expanding the name, the brand Maestro and setting new standards that will know no boundaries, no limits and there is no better place than to bring it home. To his Hometown & City which he titles "Homecoming" featuring Asosie, Bongzy & Stein.

Quotable Lyrics 


Have been busy helping people fly
Far away from my native home
Brothers grinding and my sisters cry
I believe its time to go home


Home home home sweet home
Its time to go home
Home home home sweet home
Am about to go home

Verse 1 - Bongzy 

I'm a star in the making
BONGZY overtaking
a masterpiece in progress
With MAESTRO there's no stress
it's about time we invest
in our hometown and culture
you know life ain't that easy
you gotta stay strong, never give up
Yes! I gotta live up 
with ma niggas we re-up
steady and grinding like cripwalk 
Homecalling gotta pick up
she's coming brother zip up
A man that's focused reaps a lotta with low cost
Getting money like a swamp of locust


Ooh ooh ooh ooh... sweet home 
Am about to go... 
Ooh ooh ooh yeah... 
Its time to go... 
Oooh oooh oooh....its time to go home 
Oh ye ye ye ye ye yeah yeah yeah
Oh ye ye yeah eh... 

Verse 2 - Asosie 

I’ve been thinking very hard why there’s many things to go
Everything around me seems to keep holding me down 
I fight and fight everywhere till I stand up tall
Made a vow with success and I’ll keep it till the end

I keep it till the end i swear I’ll keep it till the end 
Far away from home mehn I’ll bring the victory home/2x


Home home home sweet home
Its time to go home
Home home home sweet home
Am about to go home

Verse 3 - Stein

Going through the motions
yo i cant move with emotions
i'm tryna live up, I aint ghosting
hit me up my doors are always open
yeah I know i'm warm blooded but i'm tryna get my wrist frozen
i been making moves lowkey reason i aint been posting

prolly been away for a minute
putting in work i aint playing no gimmicks
trusting on G i'm a praying sinner
hang with the Gees we playing fifa
still in my zone when i'm out of my town
can't step out of line like Pickford
you do not want to go pound for pound with me i step like bigfoot

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