AD || ZIM GAS LTD Pioneering Clean Energy and Reliable Gas Supply in Nigeria's Remote Areas, Says CEO Emeh Jennifer Aloma.



ZIM GAS LTD, a gas company located in Lagos, Anambra, and Imo State, is on a mission to provide clean energy to remote areas and introduce them to a better source of cooking. With a team of highly trained professionals and engineers, ZIM GAS LTD ensures that its products meet the required specifications and quantities of Butaneand propane. Their commitment to quality and safety is evident in their use of automatic shut-off valves to avert danger in case of any leakage. In an interview with the CEO, EMEH JENNIFER ALOMA, she shares the company's vision for the future and its plans to expand its reach to other parts of the country.


● Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to start ZIM GAS LTD?


ZIM GAS LIMITED is a company registered under the Company Allied Matters Decree of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC: 1405421. We deal in both industrial and domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) appliances and installation materials, as well as import and supply general merchandise.


ZIM GAS LTD originated from DK FLAME INDUSTRIAL AND DOMESTIC LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS APPLIANCES, which has been in the business for many years and has acquired the necessary experience and techniques to make our products stand out. Customers who purchase gas accessories such as cylinders and cookers often travel long distances to purchase cooking gas. This is what gave birth to the idea of bringing gas plants into our localities to fill this gap and provide clean energy. Thus, ZIM GAS was born.


● How did you identify the need for reliable bulk gas supply in the market, and how did that influence your decision to offer this service?


As time passes, small skids have emerged in various localities as a means of providing gas which people are starting to embrace as a clean means of cooking. These skids require a more reliable dealer to service them promptly from time to time, and that's how we stepped in to supply bulk buyers since we have trucks and means of lifting from the depots.


● What sets ZIM GAS LTD apart from other gas suppliers in Nigeria?


What sets ZIM GAS LTD apart from other gas suppliers in Nigeria are its peculiarities. Each department or unit is spearheaded by experts in their respective fields. We also prioritize safety in all our dealings and are not willing to go against rules or cut corners in the business. Additionally, our products are readily available to satisfy our large customer base. You can get all the gas accessories you need, and our engineers will provide free installation to ensure safety. This distinction is what ZIM GAS upholds.


● Can you share some success stories or notable projects that ZIM GAS LTD has been involved in?


As a rapidly growing organization, we conduct seminars and symposiums to raise awareness about the safety aspects of using gas. At the end of each event, many attendees are provided with free gas accessories such as cookers, cylinders, and lighters as a way of giving back to society.


●  How do you ensure the quality and safety of the gas products you offer to your clients?


We test old cylinders, change faulty valves, and advise customers not to refurbish cylinders. We also reject and do not refill cylinders that do not meet safety standards. At ZIM GAS LTD, all our products must be certified by the prestigious Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) to ensure safety.



● Can you explain the process of setting up a gas plant and how ZIM GAS LTD assists clients in this regard?


Setting up a gas plant is a comprehensive process that requires careful consideration of various factors, especially safety. The first step is to identify a suitable location that is at an appropriate distance from residential areas, and then seek initial approval from the relevant authorities for environmental assessment. The National Petroleum Products Regulatory Agency (NPPR) is responsible for assessing the site's suitability, and obtaining permits from agencies like the police, town planning, fire service, and local chiefs. The process also involves conducting random pressure tests, assessments, and training, among others, before an operational license can be issued.


● What are the key challenges you have encountered in the gas supply industry, and how have you overcome them?


The challenges ZIM GAS LTD is currently facing include:


1. Unreliable electricity supply, which affects their ability to carry out operations efficiently.

2. High cost of diesel, which indirectly affects the cost of their products as their trucks and generators rely on diesel.

3. Poor road conditions, which can cause accidents and affect the timely delivery of products to customers.

4. High and unstable prices of gas, which affects their profit margins and ability to compete with other suppliers.

5. Customers' reluctance to replace old or expired gas cylinders and accessories, which can pose safety risks.


● How do you manage the logistics and nationwide delivery of your gas products?


We have a range of trucks for logistics and trained drivers who are experienced in their duties.


● Can you talk about any sustainability initiatives or eco-friendly practices that ZIM GAS LTD promotes?


Planting trees around the gas plant offsets carbon emissions and using LPG as a fuel is eco-friendly as it does not emit carbon into the atmosphere, helping to preserve the planet and its inhabitants.


●  What factors do you consider when determining the most suitable gas supply solution for different types of businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or factories?


ZIM GAS LTD only sources gas from reputable suppliers such as NIPCO, NAVGAS, 11PLC, and more. Their gas has the required specifications and right quantities of Butane and Propane. We are committed to ensuring that our customers get only high-quality and safe gas products by accessing them from notable dealers.


● How does ZIM GAS LTD handle gas repairs and fittings, and what expertise do you bring to this service?


At ZIM GAS LTD, we have a team of highly skilled professionals and engineers with expertise in various fields, who provide the necessary services required for our operations.


● Can you share any specific gas accessories that you offer to enhance the efficiency and safety of gas installations?


ZIM GAS LTD has an automatic shut-off valve system in place. In the event of any gas leakage, the alarm will be triggered, and the entire gas line will be shut down automatically. This feature ensures that any potential danger is averted promptly.


● What measures do you have in place to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain long-term relationships with your clients?


We have a wide range of customers, and we make it a priority to regularly check in with them to see how they are faring and address any issues they may have. Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to complaints and reviews, and customers also have access to my number for direct communication. Additionally, we send our engineers for maintenance to ensure that our customers' gas appliances are in good condition and functioning safely.


● Have you expanded your services beyond Lagos, Anambra, and Imo State, or do you have plans to do so in the future?


We initially started operating in Lagos and have since expanded to Imo and Anambra states. With God's grace, we aim to achieve even more milestones in the future.


● How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and regulations in the gas industry?


We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and regulations in the gas industry because we are members of the general union NUPENG, which is a regulatory body that guides the affairs of its members. Moreover, the DPR, now NPPR, is also a significant organization that supports our advancement and expertise.


● Can you provide insights into the process of purchasing and setting up gas trucks or cylinders through ZIM GAS LTD?


We bring in trucks and cylinders from Europe and China, which must pass tests and assessments from the prestigious Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), and duties to the customs services.


● How do you manage and oversee the construction and installation of LPG gas plants for your clients?


We have engineers on the ground who install the necessary accessories, and we also assist in the process of engaging the required agencies.


● Are there any specific certifications or accreditations that ZIM GAS LTD holds, demonstrating your commitment to quality and safety standards?


ZIM GAS LTD is a licensed gas company and we're committed to Quality and safety.


● How do you ensure the availability and reliability of your gas supply to meet the varying demands of your clients?


We ensure that products are readily available in all our outlets by always being vigilant and maintaining a steady supply.


● What are your future plans and goals for ZIM GAS LTD, and how do you see the company evolving in the coming years?


The future plan for ZIM GAS LTD is providing clean energy to remote areas and introducing them to a better source of cooking.

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