Breaking News: Apostle Johnson Suleman's life is one of many testimonies that God of OFM is a wonderworking God as assassins arrested and confesses to police.


Hired assassins who tried to assassinate Apostle Johnson Suleman confess to their actions, says they were paid to eliminate the Man Of God. In a twist of events, Isah has confessed that he was hired by some individuals who were dissatisfied with Apostle Suleman's teachings and ministerial works. He admitted to being paid a sum of 500,000 Naira to carry out the attack.             This development has sparked reactions from different quarters, with many expressing shock and disappointment at the lengths some individuals would go to harm an innocent man of God, like Apostle Johnson Suleman who is always about The Kingdom and blessing billions of lives across the globe. In response, Apostle Suleman's camp has commended the efforts of the Nigerian Police Force in apprehending the culprits and bringing justice to the matter. They also emphasized that the incident has further reinforced the need for security measures to be put in place to protect religious leaders and their followers. The exoneration of Apostle Johnson Suleman has stirred up a wave of gratitude and relief amongst his numerous followers and Nigerians at large, with many attributing it to the power of prayer and intercession. It is indeed a victory for the church and a reminder that truth will always prevail in the end, no matter how long it takes. The general public is advised to refrain from spreading false information and should always get facts to support what they see or read on the internet. [caption id="attachment_12652" align="alignleft" width="480"]Apostle Johnson Suleman Apostle Johnson Suleman[/caption]

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