itel Launches S24 Smartphone with 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera


itel Launches S24 Smartphone with 108MP Ultra-Clear Camera


In a world where memories are made and shared through the lens of a smartphone, itel launches an exciting new device that will take your photography game to the next level. Introducing the itel S24 smartphone, a groundbreaking device equipped with a stunning 108MP ultra-clear camera. With this pocket-sized powerhouse, you can now capture life’s finest moments with unmatched clarity and precision.


The itel S24’s 108MP camera also introduces 3X single lens zoom shooting technology, AI portrait mode, and improved AI beauty features. You can capture both near and far-away scenes with remarkable clarity, enhance the natural beauty of your subjects, and adjust facial details intelligently. Low-light photography is elevated with the Super Flash Light and Super Night mode, allowing you to capture stunning images even in dark environments.


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